Mill Pond Flower Farm

Beautiful flowers grown in the Scottish Borders

Heirloom Silk

Bouquet dressed with Noil silk ribbon in Veronica Franco

Natural Dyeing

We started to produce hand dyed ribbon using the plants and flowers grown at Mill Pond Flower Farm in 2014. We are very fortunate in having a wide variety of mostly native trees and plants with the addition of flowers grown for sale. This gives a great store of material that can be used in dying fabrics and can give a range of colours. The effect of using natural dyes is to give a softness and depth of colour that changes with the light, blending effortlessly with other fabrics and hues. 

Silk is very strong, but fluid and delicate, amazing to work with and totally gorgeous. We use the finest silk in two different weights, to give you the effect you need:

Habotai silk - with a shimmery effect, floats and flows

Noil Silk - with a matte finish, drapes beautifully

Silk Ribbon

Hand dyed silk ribbon is currently available in a growing range of colours. Have a look at the current range on our Ribbon Colours page. 

Natural Dyed Fabric

We are also able to dye larger pieces of fabric for use as table runners, styling cloths and informal scarves. Get in touch  for more details.

Dyeing Kits

If you'd like to have a go at dyeing your own ribbon using natural materials you can order a 'Dye Your Own Silk Ribbon Kit', with all you need to make 3 ribbons and detailed instructions.