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If you want to grow roses as cut flowers on a relatively small scale, but aren’t sure how to do it to get the best results, this course is written for you. It uses my experiences of growing roses as cut flowers over the past 7 years.


When I first started growing roses the only resources I could find were for growing roses for gardens and they didn’t work well for a small scale flower farmer in the northern UK. It took a number of years and lots of experimentation to be able to produce high quality roses for sale . This course distils that learning into an easy to understand course to get you set up and growing beautiful roses for sale as cut flowers or use in your own floristry.

The course is delivered through The Business of Selling Flowers online teaching platform and is easy to access from any computer. It focuses on specialist cut flower growing knowledge and techniques, but does not include detailed guidance on rose pests and diseases as these can easily be found in general rose growing publications.

Once you've paid for your course, you'll be sent a code by email to access it online. Due to the nature of online courses, once the course has been accessed no refunds can be given. 

[If the website insists on charging you postage please don't worry, it will be refunded to you asap. It's a glitch that is proving very persistent.]

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