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Introduction to Beekeeping Part 1


Are you interested in becoming a beekeeper but don't know where to start?

This workshop will give you an insight to the wonderful life of honeybees, how they work and how the 'design' of a honeybee helps it to carry out the tasks needed for survival. You will explore aspects related to the social organisation of a colony, communication, nutrition and reproduction. 

This introduction will also look at how humans have used this knowledge and understanding to develop methods to manage a colony so that it can produce wax and honey in a sustainable way.

[This workshop does not equip you to become a beekeeper, but provides information to help you decide whether you might want to begin learning beekeeping]

£60 including light refreshments 

Sunday 23 February 1-4pm

Sunday 29 March 1-4pm

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Max group 8

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