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Introduction to Beekeeping Part 1 &2


Introduction to Beekeeping Part 1

Are you interested in becoming a beekeeper but don't know where to start?

This workshop will give you an insight to the wonderful life of honeybees, how they work and how the 'design' of a honeybee helps it to carry out the tasks needed for survival. You will explore aspects related to the social organisation of a colony, communication, nutrition and reproduction.

This introduction will also look at how humans have used this knowledge and understanding to develop methods to manage a colony so that it can produce wax and honey in a sustainable way.

[This workshop does not equip you to become a beekeeper, but provides information to help you decide whether you might want to begin learning beekeeping]

£60 including light refreshments

Sunday 23 February 1-4pm 

Sunday 29 March 1-4pm 

Max group 8

Introduction to Beekeeping Part 2

If you've completed Part 1 and want to know more, here is your opportunity to find out about the 'hands on' aspects of becoming a beekeeper. In this session you'll learn about the tools and equipment used by a beekeeper, and what they are for. Participants will get the opportunity to wear the full protective equipment worn by a beekeeper and to visit the bees in their hives at Mill Pond Flower Farm. The details of what will happen on this visit will be weather dependent and also upon the development stage of the colony. 

Sunday 7 Jun 1-4pm

Sunday 21 Jun 1-4pm

Max group 8

Please note : We aren't able to put up options for you to choosethe dates for these workshops together on the website. Once booked we'll contact you to confirm the dates for each workshop :)

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