Mill Pond Flower Farm

Beautiful flowers grown in the Scottish Borders


If you're a local florist looking for scented, seasonal flowers and foliage that have been treated with nothing except fresh air, clean water and lots of love, we'd love to work with you! 

We've supplied wholesale flowers to florists for many years and have significant expertise in growing flowers that perform well in practice and allow each florist to create a distinctive style. We provide quality blooms, unusual varieties and truly fresh flowers that can be used for weddings, funerals and retail sales. You can order by the stem or bucket, as many or as few as you need.

We deliver to florists in Berwickshire, East Lothian and North Northumberland, but from Spring 2020 we will no longer be delivering weekly to Edinburgh. For more information, request our brochure and wholesale price list below, or email to arrange to meet us in person and  visit the flower farm.

**NEW **


If you’re doing a photoshoot or special event and want to choose every stem, come to the flower field and cut your own flowers and foliage. Seeing the flowers as they are in nature can provide the focus and inspiration you need for career enhancing arrangements.

How does it work?

You book in for the date when you want to cut your flowers. We can give you a good idea of the types of flowers and foliage that will be available at that time of year. To get flowers in their best condition, you’ll need to come to the flower field either early morning 7-11am, or evening 4-9pm.

On your first visit, Paula will show you around, talk to you about what is available and advise on suitable varieties for your project. You’ll find that we have a huge variety of plants that are very different from a traditional florist wholesaler. Then off you go and cut the flowers for your arrangements!

If you want a larger quantity, we can cut the majority of your order in advance and you can cut a bucket of highlights yourself.


You must be a working florist.

Wear boots or stout shoes and bring sharp snips or scissors, we can provide buckets to cut into. 

We can grow the flowers but unfortunately have no control over the weather. Dress appropriately! 

Minimum quantity is one bucket. 

Once the flowers are cut, they are yours. The longevity and quality of your flowers and foliage once they are cut is your own responsibility. 

There will be a one-off charge of £50 for your first visit in addition to the cost of flowers cut. If you’re already a longstanding wholesale customer or have been on a Love Flowers Workshop at the farm, this charge may be waived.

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