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Funeral Flowers Explained

As soon as you start to look at anything to do with death or dying, somehow the language becomes hazy. I expect it's because we find it hard to talk about death and dying. We don't want to think of it happening to us or anyone we care about, so we try to move it as far away as possible and hide it behind more acceptable words.

This isn't helpful when we're trying to provide a clear idea of what is on offer for funerals however, so below is a straightforward description of our funeral flowers and what they're designed to do. Planning the funeral of a loved one is hard enough without having to learn a whole new language at the same time!  In reality, the flowers are just simply flowers, but the arrangements are designed to allow the flowers to be seen by mourners as the funeral progresses. It can be helpful to have natural beauty to focus on at such a sad time. 

The arrangements below are just suggestions of what can be provided for a funeral. If you're not sure what you want, or have ideas you'd like to discuss, just give us a ring.  

All our funeral flower arrangements are made using natural materials including branches, twigs, sheep fleece and moss. We use some metal wire for fixing arrangements, which is biodegradable but takes a while to break down.   

Coffin Flowers

Also known as Casket flowers, Coffin Topper, Double or Single ended spray, floral blanket, casket tribute, casket flowers. 

This is a large arrangement that goes on or around the coffin, casket or shroud. It can have many shapes and be a small adornment or cover the whole of the person. Wicker coffins often have flowers woven into the sides and traditional coffins can also have flowers attached to the handles. 


Also known as a Hand-tied Sheaf, Floral Sheaves, Spray, Tied Sheaf 

This is a bouquet of flowers that is arranged to have a flat back and be viewed from above or the side. Its shape is similar to a wheat sheaf, which is where its name originates. It can be placed on top of the coffin, casket or shroud, or it can be placed alongside, if there are already Coffin Flowers in place. A Sheaf can be any size and can easily be untied to be placed in water after the funeral.


Wreaths are probably the easiest identified funeral arrangement. A wreath is a round or oval arrangement of flowers and foliage. At Mill Pond Flower Farm the flowers and foliage are placed into a base of birch or willow moss to help them last well.  The flowers are seen from the side and the top.  A wreath can sit on top of the coffin or go alongside. For many years, they were best known as funeral flowers, but are now increasingly popular as seasonal arrangements, particularly at Christmas.


Our posies are a small handful of scented flowers, simply tied with twine, raffia or ribbon. They can be placed on the coffin, casket or shroud, alongside, or in a tribute at the top or bottom of the hearse. 

 Posies are ideal as very personal tributes, or from children and young people. Funeral Directors are very careful to make sure that all flowers go with the person throughout the funeral. Posies are easy to pop into water at the wake or to take away to be pressed as a keepsake.  

Flower Heart 

Our flower heart is made using a twiggy birch or willow base, and decorated with flowers and foliage that is supported by moss to keep it all moist and fresh. A flower heart is deigned to be viewed from above as it is quite a flat shape. It can be placed on the coffin, casket or shroud, or placed at the head or feet of the person. It will last for around 48 hours so can be taken to the wake or left on a grave.